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If you have any missing examples, dotfiles for other keyboard layouts or otherwise interesting stuff, feel free to mail derf at finalrewind dot org or just add it to the GitHub Wiki.



The configs of derf, the current feh developer. They set up vi-like key bindings for an obscure keyboard layout called "greedy". The themes are well hidden behind a bunch of shell aliases. keys, themes, zsh aliases


keys for the Neo2 keyboard layout.


EXIF support

Using --info, you can easily display EXIF data inside feh.
feh --draw-tinted --info "exifgrep '(Model|DateTimeOriginal|FNumber|ISO|Flash|ExposureTime|FocalLength.\\*)' %F | cut -d . -f 4-"
[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

ls mode

feh --list outputs an ls-style image list with dimensions, image type et cetera.
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thumbnail mode

feh --thumbnails --index-info "%n\n%wx%h" shows thumbnails with some information. Clicking on a thumbnail launches the original image.
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